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Longer-lasting, competitively-priced customised signage that helps build brands and increase sales.

WOOH CRAFTSMEN is the expert custom signage maker and contractor that can help to boost your business’s profits without the heavy costs associated with other forms of advertising.

Business signage isn’t just for decoration. It’s a graphic means of relaying information to an audience to identify and promote your business values. Thus, quality signage is a key element for any business.

Research suggests that:

  • More than three-quarters of consumers will be attracted inside an unfamiliar store because of its compelling retail signs.
  • Almost 70% of potential customers believe the quality of a business sign mirrors the professionalism of the company.

On the other hand, more than half of consumers say an absence of signage puts them off a business because it appears less serious than its competitors.

In the USA, the Small Business Association says carefully designed business display signs greatly reduce the need for other forms of marketing, and the University of San Diego School of Business Administration asserts that business signs offer the best return on investment compared with other advertising and word of mouth.

Our professional sign design, construction, and installation services will help to make your venture stand out from the crowd and pull in new customers.

I worked with WOOH CRAFTSMEN for the brand revamp of Little Green House, Mulberry Learning, School House by the Garden, and Alphabet Playhouse. Throughout our engagement, Dave gave excellent service and very competitive prices.

On a few occasions when unexpected issues occurred, Dave responded promptly even though he was not obliged to. WOOH CRAFTSMEN’s pre-sales and after-sales service is top-notch.

For anyone looking for very reliable signage or print installers, I would highly recommend WOOH CRAFTSMEN for the job. They provide best value for money, fast turnaround, and outstanding service.


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The choice signage company in Singapore

Reasons businesses choose our sign manufacturing company include:

  • Experience. WOOH CRAFTSMEN boss Dave Ong has been plying his trade as a leading signage supplier for more than 10 years. He leads an elite 5-strong team of sign makers with a combined experience of half a century.
  • Innovation. Our sign manufacturing company constantly looks for new, improved materials to further enhance the quality of our services and offer our customers the latest in signage technology.
  • Versatility. We produce custom signage for all types of businesses, including shops, offices, factories, educational and healthcare institutions, and event and exhibition organisers.
  • Convenience. WOOH CRAFTSMEN provides a one-stop facility for all your signage requirements – handling the whole job in-house from start to finish.
  • Warranty. Our custom signs and custom sign printing are covered by warranty for 5 years (indoors) or 12 months (outside).

Our mission is to provide quality, dependable, competitively-priced signage services that help businesses to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

A wide range of signage options to suit all businesses

So, effective signage – small or large – can be an essential factor in your business’s overall marketing strategy, helping to strengthen its brand, highlight promotions, and convey important information to prospective customers about your goods or services.

Exterior signs can be particularly beneficial – giving your enterprise prominent, continuous exposure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As specialist signage contractors, WOOH CRAFTSMEN can offer your business a wide choice of signage types, materials, and uses.

Some of the most popular types of signs installed by our clients are:

  • Custom 3D signs. We can use a variety of techniques to produce custom 3D signage designed for maximum visual impact, with layering and depth.
  • Custom light box and lighted signs. The visual impact of your signage can also be enhanced with lit signs, which can really make your business stand out from its surroundings.
  • Custom acrylic signs. Highly-durable acrylic signage can be a good option if you want a sophisticated, state-of-the-art look.
  • Custom metal signs. Another favourite with businesses. They can provide a contemporary or more traditional visual appeal.
  • Custom vinyl signs. They’re a popular choice – particularly among retail outlets – for businesses looking for durability and affordability.
  • Custom outdoor signs. Our external signs are ideal for multiple applications, including company signboards, storefront signs, and other exterior building signage. They can also highlight events from school open days to big sporting occasions.
  • Custom display and large banners. And our affordable large printed banners will definitely improve your brand visibility – literally!


WOOH CRAFTSMEN – your one-stop custom signage services facility

Besides providing competitively-priced, quality custom signs, WOOH CRAFTSMEN also offers a range of complementary services – from free consultation and advice to blueprints, fabrication, and fitting. We’ll get your signage licence permit for you too.


Signage design

Our custom signage design process is where we lay the foundation for maximum impact from your signage project. We’ll tailor your signboard design campaign to the specific needs and goals of your business while ensuring you engage directly with your target audience.

Signage manufacture

We specialise in quality craftmanship, and our signage production team have a wealth of experience. We keep up to speed with the latest developments in signage materials and technology to make sure we stay at the forefront of the signage business.

Signage installation

Drawing on our experience, we can advise you on optimum placement of your signage. Our signage installation team are highly professional and have the skills and knowledge to carry out installation of any types of signage at any location.


Signage licence permit

If you’re going to install an outdoor advertising sign or signboard, you’ll most likely need a licence from the Building & Construction Authority (BCA). We’ll take care of the BCA signage licence application process on your behalf.

The customer engagement process of WOOH CRAFTSMEN

We’re totally committed to meeting or even exceeding our customers’ expectations. We do this by following a comprehensive customer engagement process as follows:

  1. Making sure we understand your requirements.
  2. Taking site measurements.
  3. Giving you a cost estimate.
  4. Once you’ve confirmed your order, we’ll help you choose from our range of materials and colours.
  5. We’ll supply you with a draft drawing.
  6. Fabrication begins on approval of the drawing.
  7. Quality control of end-product and installation at your site.
  8. Inspection – with you – of the finished job.
  9. Once you’re satisfied, your warranty starts.

Budgeting for your custom signs project 

Our custom sign making services include helping you to work out a budget for your signage project.

While we pride ourselves on the affordability of our custom design signs, we never compromise on quality.

If you’re looking for a sign making company, it may be unwise to choose the cheapest quote, which could indicate a tendency to cut corners to save time and money.

The cost of your signage will depend on several factors, including:

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Complexity of design
  • Installation requirements
  • Accessibility of location
  • Whether a BCA licence application is necessary

Pricing of our non-lighted signs starts at S$50 per square metre. Lighted signs – minimum 1m (length) x 1m (height) x 0.1m (depth) – start at S$500 a square metre.

Contact us today to find out more about how our specialist signage contractor services can help your business.

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