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Longer-lasting, competitively-priced customised signage that helps build brands and increase sales.

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WOOH CRAFTSMEN makes affordable, long-lasting custom plastic signs and signboards that help all types of businesses to attract new customers.

We offer a one-stop plastic signboard service – design, manufacture, and installation – that can set your business apart.

Our outdoor custom plastic signs can give your business a high-visibility marketing tool to reinforce your brand while adding a stylish touch to your premises; whereas our indoor plastic signs will send out a strong message about your business ethos and commitment to customer service, while helping people find their way around.

Plastic signage – a cutting-edge solution

Plastics are made from polymers bound together with additives and through chemical reactions.

Over time, plastics have become a convenient, competitively-priced alternative to materials used for signage products such as metal and wood. This synthetic material is available in a broad variety of colours.

WOOH CRAFTSMEN constantly looks for innovations in plastic signage materials and techniques to offer our customers the highest quality of plastic signage available.

Pros and cons of plastic signs and signboards

Our plastic signboards offer numerous display options and can be crafted by our skilled technicians to virtually any shape. That said, our square and rectangular plastic signs remain a firm favourite, especially those with rounded corners.

Other benefits of our plastic signage include:

  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Versatility
  • Lightweight
  • Damage resistance

On the downside, plastic signs aren’t always the best choice for exterior signs – they may fade under some conditions, including prolonged exposure to sunlight.

However, in many cases, outdoor plastic signage can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. And WOOH CRAFTSMEN are experienced plastic sign-makers who use only the most durable plastics.


Plastic signage can help your business

WOOH CRAFTSMEN plastic custom signboards can be used for multiple interior or exterior applications including:

Our plastic custom light box and lighted signs can make your business stand out day and night.

Further, we supply plastic banner signs for business events, such as trade conventions and expos, and plastic banners for occasions like festivals and sports events.

Choose WOOH CRAFTSMEN plastic signs 

We can provide your business with a streamlined plastic signage service with the entire process carried out in-house by our own technicians. They have a wealth of experience and expertise.

Our plastic signage services will give you:

  • Various factors influence the cost of plastic signage, including size, location, and design complexity. Our plastic signs are competitively priced from S$50 a square metre (S$500 per square metre for lighted signs).
  • Quality signage. We use state-of-the art plastic materials and innovative sign-making technology.
  • Your plastic signage will be unique, designed and tailor-made to your specific business requirements.
  • Peace of mind. Your plastic signage will come with a warranty of 5 years for internal signs or 12 months for exterior signage.

If you need a licence for exterior plastic signage, we’ll take care of that too.

Get in touch now to discover more about the benefits your business can get from our quality, affordable plastic signs.

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