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As specialist makers of custom acrylic signage, WOOH CRAFTSMEN offers businesses of all types and sizes a cost-effective way to attract more customers.

Our high-quality material signs are not only competitively priced but can also save you a small fortune in the long term compared with media advertising.

We design, manufacture, and install custom acrylic signs guaranteed to last and give your business a powerful ongoing marketing tool to strengthen your brand identity and reflect your business values.

Our exterior acrylic signs can enhance your business premises while sending out a strong signal to potential customers. Our interior acrylic signboards will increase your brand awareness while helping visitors to find their way around.

The versatility of our acrylic signage

Acrylic plastic is similar to Perspex – tough and durable with a glass-type high-gloss finish. This enables acrylic business signs to project a professional, alluring first impression.

WOOH CRAFTSMEN acrylic signs are highly versatile and available in a variety of colours. They’re ideal to create a sophisticated, hi-tech look and can be used for multiple business applications, including:

  • Exterior building signage
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Restaurant signs
  • Menu boards
  • Retail signs
  • Showroom signage
  • Nameplate signs
  • Brochure holders


Advantages of our acrylic office signs

An alternative to glass, acrylic office signs can be put to many uses. For instance, they can be used as entrance signage or to help steer clients and other visitors to where they need to be.

With our experience in custom company and office signage, WOOH CRAFTSMEN can customise your office signage by incorporating your logo or brand identity for a really professional finish.

Our clear acrylic panel signs are popular with offices because they create a dramatic impact with a contemporary look and feel.

Benefits of our acrylic shop signs

An exterior acrylic shop sign can provide a low-maintenance option to make your store stand out – our outdoor acrylic signage will never rust and is resistant to prolonged sunlight exposure.

We can make your shop sign – or interior store signage – with either coloured or clear acrylic to produce a sleek, modern statement to enhance your business.

Choose WOOH CRAFTSMEN for your acrylic business signage

Leading acrylic signage makers WOOH CRAFTSMEN provides a one-stop acrylic business sign resource, with quality design, manufacture, and installation.

We produce a wide variety of acrylic signage, including acrylic die-cut signs to emphasise the profile of lettering and graphics to create an extra signage dimension.

Advantages of our acrylic signage services include:

  • Affordability. Our non-lighted acrylic signs and signboards are affordably priced from S$50 a square metre. Our competitively-priced illuminated acrylic signs start at S$500 a square metre. They come with a warranty of 5 years (indoor) or 12 months (exterior).
  • Durability. Inferior acrylic signs and signboards can be prone to damage from scratching or impact. Our acrylic signage design, fabrication, and installation experts take meticulous care to make sure our clients get tough, long-lasting signs and signboards to be proud of.
  • Quality. Our craftsmen use only the best acrylic signage materials and keep up to date in developments in acrylic signage technology.
  • Customisation. You’ll get unique acrylic signage tailored to your specific business requirements and objectives.
  • Licence. If you need a licence for exterior signage, we’ll secure it from the Building & Construction Authority (BCA).

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our acrylic signage can help you to draw in more customers to boost your revenue.

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