Custom company & office signage

Longer-lasting, competitively-priced customised signage that helps build brands and increase sales.

WOOH CRAFTSMEN makes custom company and office signs that can enhance both the interior and exterior of your business premises while delivering a strong message to potential customers that consolidates your brand identity.

We design, manufacture, and install quality, long-lasting, and affordable signage that caters to various uses and works as a highly effective form of continual marketing.

Further, our business signage can raise your corporate profile and help to create a strong bond to keep your existing and prospective customers engaged.

Importance of custom company signs

A professional business sign maker is a necessity if you want corporate signage that strengthens your company’s brand and projects your business values.

Your business’s exterior signage should create a positive first impression. Custom outdoor business signs send out a signal to your visitors – including potential new clients or partners – reflecting your professionalism and integrity.

Custom commercial signs like a business hours sign can also help you to convey useful information about your enterprise.

Further, custom company signs are important inside your building to make your visitors feel welcome.

In larger premises, directional signs are a must so people can easily get to where they need to be.

As an experienced commercial sign company, WOOH CRAFTSMEN designs and prints long-lasting interior and exterior business signage of the highest quality. Our company sign makers are experts in all types of business signs and banners that not only look good but are designed to get your message across with maximum impact.

Benefits of custom office signs

How you welcome callers to your place of work influences their concept of your business, and the clean, contemporary look of quality internal and external office signage can mirror your business’s professionalism.

Custom office signs can leave a memorable impression on visiting customers as well as helping to create an aesthetically-pleasing environment for your staff.

Projecting your business ethos through professionally-designed office signboards sends out a message that reflects and reinforces your commitment to client focus.

Reception signs are the first thing visitors will notice as they step into your premises, and ideally, they should blend with your exterior signage theme to create a unified feel.

Off-the-shelf standard office signs can often look incongruous with their surroundings, but WOOH CRAFTSMEN can customise your office signage to follow the theme of your interior design.

WOOH CRAFTSMEN is a leading office sign company that specialises in reception signs and can also provide quality, durable signage for all other areas of your office, including:

  • Boardroom signage
  • Conference and meeting room signs
  • Signs for individual offices within your premises
  • Window lettering


Custom door signs

Door signs are imperative in many business and office environments but sometimes overlooked. It can be easy to forget that office door signs are often the only way visitors can identify rooms.

The clear identification provided by custom door signs improves your office’s accessibility and is essential to pinpoint facilities such as toilets.

Busy offices with flexible layouts also find that card-insert interchangeable nameplates are particularly beneficial.

Top door sign makers WOOH CRAFTSMEN uses only high-grade door signage materials, so you’re assured of reliable quality.

Types of company and office signage

WOOH CRAFTSMEN company and office signs are available in several styles, including:

You can choose from a broad range of materials for your business and office signage, including:

Choose WOOH CRAFTSMEN for your company and office signage

WOOH CRAFTSMEN offers a one-stop company and office signage service with many advantages, including:

  • Competitive prices. Our business and office signs are affordably priced from S$50 per square metre (S$500 a square metre for lighting-enhanced signage).
  • Quality product. Our skilled business signage technicians produce work of the highest standard, using only the best, most durable materials.
  • High level of customisation. Your company or office signage will be unique, tailor-made to reflect your unique business expertise.
  • Warranty. Your signage will come with a warranty of 5 years for internal signs or 12 months for exterior signage.
  • Convenience. We’ll handle any necessary licensing application for exterior signage. And, if you don’t have your own artwork for your business signage, our graphic design specialists will take care of that.

Reach out to us now to discover more about how our exterior and interior company and office signage specialists can help your business.

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