Custom display & large banners

Longer-lasting, competitively-priced customised signage that helps build brands and increase sales.

WOOH CRAFTSMEN makes display banners and large banners at competitive prices and specialises in fast delivery.

Our display banners are designed, made, and installed by signage experts to provide maximum impact to boost your business profile or promote a special event.

We provide a one-stop banner service using the best inks and custom size banner printing technology to ensure a professional, attention-grabbing means of raising your visibility.

Keeping our banner and other types of signage services in-house enables us to guarantee speedy turnaround on all our banner signs for businesses and event organisers.

Why use a large banner

When someone sees your WOOH CRAFTSMEN custom quality banner, they’ll know something is happening that deserves their attention – a cost-effective way to attract new custom. Our banner printing company can give you a highly-effective means of getting your message across and publicise your business or event.

Our large format banner signs are available in many sizes and suitable for many different indoor and outdoor applications, including:

  • Trade shows, expos, and conventions
  • School open days
  • University events
  • Big sports occasions
  • Festivals

Savvy businesses make use of the promotional impact of large banners to kickstart marketing campaigns and make big announcements, such as a new store opening or a large clearance sale.

People automatically associate custom outdoor signs and banners with an exciting event. Banners have been used down the centuries at markets and fairs and for a host of other special occasions.

Today, they’re a common sight inside and outside shops, cafes, and bars.

Large indoor banners are also often put to good use to promote a new area of a store or a specific group of products.


Pros and cons of vinyl banners, cloth banner printing, and mesh banners

Display banner makers have been practicing their craft from ancient times. However, it’s only in the last few years that large banner printing has come into its own as an affordable marketing tool.

In the past, banner printing services faced problems such as high costs, slow turnaround, and limited materials. However, advances in technology have changed all that with state-of-the-art techniques such as canvas and other cloth banner printing, and the production of vinyl and mesh banners.

Cloth banner printing


  • Lightweight banners – easy to transport.
  • Distinct aesthetic appeal, with sharp, bright colours.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • Durability – you can simply pop your fabric banner in the wash!


  • Fabric banners tend to produce less-vibrant colours than vinyl banners.

Vinyl banners


  • Can be double-sided.
  • Typically more affordable than mesh banners.
  • A versatile and durable option.


  • Can get wrinkled with frequent use.

Mesh banners


  • An ideal option for outdoor use.
  • UV-resistant inking.
  • Small holes that allow wind to pass through.
  • Tear-resistant.


  • More expensive than vinyl.

What our custom size banner printing services can do for you

WOOH CRAFTSMEN provides stunning large banners in a range of eye-catching styles and quality materials including PVC (vinyl) and high-grade fabrics, plus mesh banners.

Further, our large banners can be used to striking effect across an extensive variety of applications, indoors or outdoors.

Our one-stop custom banner design and printing services will give you:

  • A quality banner designed, made and installed by experienced signage specialists.
  • Speedy delivery.
  • A warranty of 5 years (indoor banners) or warranty 12 months (outside).

If you need an outdoor banner, we’ll handle the licence application for you as a value-added service.

And if you can’t provide your own artwork for your banner, our graphic design signage specialists will take care of that, too.

Estimated cost of a display banner 

Various factors come into play to determine the cost of display banners, including size and type of material. Our banners are affordably priced from S$50 a square metre.

Contact us today to find out more about how our experts can help to promote your business or special event.

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