Custom LED neon signs & signboards

Longer-lasting, competitively-priced customised signage that helps build brands and increase sales.

As leading makers of custom LED neon signage, WOOH CRAFTSMEN can give you a cost-effective, energy-efficient way to get your business noticed.

We design, manufacture, and install high-quality custom neon signs and other types of signage products that are made to last, even in the high humidity of the Singapore climate.

The fluorescent colours of traditional neon signs are created by passing an electric current through inert gases – often a combination of neon and argon – in glass tubing. The problem with neon tubes is that they’re expensive to run and easily damaged if not handled carefully.

Our competitively-priced, innovative LED neon signs are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to regular neon lighting. LED neon signs use light-emitting diodes (LED) strung closely together so the light overlaps to produce a stable source of illumination.

Our LED neon signage holds several key advantages over conventional neon signs.

LED neon signs vs conventional neon signs

LED neon signs


  • Energy efficiency. LED uses far less power than a standard neon light – 24 volts compared with 15,000 volts.
  • For big outdoor displays, LED neon lighting can cost about 10% less than traditional outdoor neon signs.
  • Longer lifespan than regular neon signage.


  • Can be more difficult to repair than conventional neon lighting.

Traditional neon signs


  • An affordable option for small indoor displays.
  • Warmer visual appeal.


  • Heavy power consumption.
  • Can’t achieve the futuristic look of LED.


Why LED neon signs and signboards have become so popular

Neon business signs have traditionally been a prominent marketing tool of major corporations – a hallmark signature of many cityscapes across the globe, becoming part and parcel of many a bustling metropolis.

The pulling power of these brightly-coloured glowing signs elevated neon signage to the status of a tourist attraction in places like Piccadilly Circus (London), Times Square (New York), and Nanjing Road (Shanghai).

Now, LED neon signage is in many cases replacing old custom neon light signs. LED neon signboards not only capture the attention of tourists, they send out a vibrant, welcoming message that attracts paying customers to businesses.

Catching the eye of potential customers with a professional LED neon signboard provides a cost-effective means of marketing for countless businesses, including bars, shops, clubs, restaurants, diners, and cafes.

Choose WOOH CRAFTSMEN custom LED neon light signs

WOOH CRAFTSMEN are experienced makers of custom lighted signs, including neon bar signs, custom restaurant signs and custom store signs.

We produce a range of LED neon signs including flexible LED tube lighting that replicates the appearance of conventional neon but produces almost no heat and is longer-lasting, being resistant to water and humidity – important in the Singapore climate.

What’s more, our LED neon signage can produce dramatic lighting effects that old-style neon cannot achieve, to maximise visual impact and help you to pull in more business.

As a local Singapore neon sign company, we’re experienced in creating LED installations with either English or Chinese wording, or a combination of both.

The exact pricing of our custom neon signs – typically starting from a competitive S$500 a square metre – depends on several factors, including size, design complexity, and installation requirements.

What you’ll get from WOOH CRAFTSMEN LED neon signage services

We believe our LED neon signage pricing offers solid value for money because you’ll get:

  • A 24/7 promotional tool without the heavy costs of media advertising.
  • Quality LED neon signage that’s durable.
  • LED neon signage crafted by skilled signage technicians.
  • A warranty of 5 years (for indoor signs) or warranty of 12 months (exterior signage).
  • The convenience of a one-stop LED neon signage solution, from design through to installation.
  • No hassle with licence application for outdoor signs – we’ll get your permit for you.

Contact us today to find out more about how our specialist LED neon sign makers can help your business to stand out from the crowd with affordable, quality custom LED neon signage designed to stand the test of time.

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