Custom construction & safety signage

Longer-lasting, competitively-priced customised signage that helps build brands and increase sales.

WOOH CRAFTSMEN makes custom construction and safety signage that plays a vital role in helping to keep people safe from harm on building sites.

A construction site is a high-risk place for workers and visitors. Clear, high-visibility signage is crucial for the safety of everyone on site.

We design, manufacture and install affordable, long-lasting, construction safety signage that can help safeguard workers and everyone else who may have occasion to visit your building site.

Also, WOOH CRAFTSMEN supplies wayfinding construction project signboards to help people get to where they need to be – safely.

Thus, the use of our signage products is wide.

Informational construction signs and signboards

Signage at your main site entrance can give information about and contact phone numbers for your project manager, clients, architects, surveyors, and engineers.

Signs on fencing around the exterior of your site can also be used to engage with the public, by explaining why there may be temporary inconvenience and reminding them of the dangers of unauthorised access.

Our comprehensive construction signage services can promote your building firm with eye-catching hoarding signs telling passers-by who you are and what you’re doing.

If you’re running a home-building project, we can provide exterior and interior advertising signs for your on-site sales and marketing suite, with signage for visitor parking.

WOOH CRAFTSMEN construction signs will clearly show the way to and identify areas such as portable toilets, first-aid stations, fire escape routes, and fire assembly points.


Construction safety signs and signboards

Construction sites can be dangerous, and you need a comprehensive assortment of safety signboards.

Our quality construction site safety signage can help to keep site visitors out of harm’s way and act as a constant reminder to workers about the importance of safe, conscientious working practices.

In April 2019, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) announced plans to name and shame companies with a poor record of safety, prioritising high-risk sectors like construction.

Our custom safety signs can help keep your building firm off that list. We can provide all the various health and safety signs you must have, including:

  • Signs to prevent hazardous activity, such as “No Entry” and “No Smoking”
  • Instructional signage like “Hard Hats Must Be Worn” and “Keep Locked”.
  • Danger signs such as “High Voltage” and “Work Overhead”.

Types of construction site signage

We offer a range of styles and materials for building site signboards – all designed to be highly durable to withstand the rugged environment of a construction project. Our building site signage includes:

What you get from our one-stop resource for construction and safety signs

WOOH CRAFTSMEN is a leading safety sign maker and specialist construction safety sign company.

Pricing of our custom construction signboards and safety signage starts from a competitive S$50 a square metre (S$500 a square metre for lighted signs).

This is what you get for your money:

  • Meticulous craftmanship. As our name suggests, WOOH CRAFTSMEN employs only the best signage technicians, so you know you’ll get long-lasting construction signage of the highest quality.
  • Convenience. Construction sites need multiple signs, and we can offer you a one-stop signage service – design, fabrication, and installation.
  • Licensing. We’ll secure your Building and Construction Authority (BCA) licence for exterior signage.
  • Warranty. Your construction signage will be guaranteed for 5 years (internal signs) or 12 months (exterior signage).

Contact us now to find out more about how our low-cost quality construction site signage can help keep your workers and site visitors safe.

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