Custom building signage

Longer-lasting, competitively-priced customised signage that helps build brands and increase sales.

As top makers of custom building signage, WOOH CRAFTSMEN can enhance the exterior appearance of your premises while helping to reinforce your brand with a permanent marketing resource.

We design, manufacture, and install quality, competitively-priced signage for a variety of uses that will stand the test of time.

Our building signage – or architectural signage – is designed to complement your premises while capturing people’s attention and imagination.

While aesthetically pleasing, our exterior building signs can play an important role in brand awareness and engaging with your existing and potential clients. This is because our commercial building signs can strengthen your profile, reflect your business values, and create an immediate impression that lasts.

Types of building signs

WOOH CRAFTSMEN custom signboards for business premises are available in several styles, including:

Our quality building signboard service offers a wide range of colours, and materials, including plastic and vinyl. We also supply:


Importance of an integrated approach to business signage 

Building signage for companies can be crucial to create that all-important first impression, as marketing doesn’t stop with traditional media advertising or online branding strategies.

When clients visit your HQ, they form a general impression as they approach your premises. While quality architectural signage can be a high-impact feature reflecting your professional values, inferior building signs can also create a strong impression – for all the wrong reasons.

Ideally, the professional brand experience should be continued when visitors enter your building, with quality wall-mounted, freestanding, or ceiling-hung signs. For instance, lobby signs can make people feel welcome, while restroom signs are essential.

WOOH CRAFTSMEN can create internal signs to blend seamlessly with your outside architectural signage to project an integrated feel and appearance with a comprehensive, unified design.

Custom building signs and signboards can be good investments

WOOH CRAFTSMEN exterior building signage represents good value for money because it’s so durable – particularly our stainless steel and aluminium signs.

Our interior business signs are also hard-wearing and will continue working to boost your brand image for many years.

Various factors determine the price of our business signage, including site location, complexity of design, type of materials, and whether they’re light-enhanced.

Our non-lighted business signs are priced from S$50 a square metre. Lighted signs start at S$500 per square metre. Your signs will come with a warranty of 5 years (indoor signs) or 12 months (exterior signage).

What you get for your money 

Your building signage helps people to associate your brand with your business values and personality and your professionalism.

Quality company building signage can bring your business to life – and the message you want to convey.

Our fully-qualified, experienced in-house signage design, fabrication, and installation specialists can help your company to get its message across loud and clear.

WOOH CRAFTSMEN uses only the best business signage materials, designed to last, and our one-stop business signage solution will give you:

  • Outstanding design service.
  • Quality fabrication by top signage craftsmen.
  • Meticulous installation with minimal inconvenience.
  • Unique signage tailor-made for your specific business.
  • Licence application for exterior signs.

Contact us today to find out more about how our exterior and interior business signage experts can help your company.

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